The idea of Internet of Things (IoT) has been around for some years now. However, recent advances in information and communication technologies have led to an exponential increase of connected devices, making the vision of an IoT feasible. While there have been a lot of discussions about technological aspects of connecting various “things”, human aspects have not been addressed very well. While the realization of an IoT clearly has huge benefits for individuals, companies and the society as such, connecting more devices and things induces complexity into controlling these devices and things. To give one example, one can look at the recent trends in industrial manufacturing (sometimes referred to as Industry 4.0). Machines, plants and even products get connected to form cyber-physical systems. While the new technologies enable more flexible and efficient way of producing goods, the new practice is often highly complex for the operators and supervisors of such systems. While this is just one example for the implications of IoT technologies to human users of systems, we propose this workshop to discuss new questions for research in human-computer-interaction (HCI) and design that are a result of the development of an IoT.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Concepts

    • New concepts for the interaction between users and IoT (devices)

    • Tools and design techniques

    • Transfer of HCI concepts for IoT

  • Applications

    • Industry 4.0 and cyber-physical systems

    • Home-appliances / smart home

    • Media applications

    • Smart Sensing

    • Healthcare

    • Transportation

  • Technologies and Devices

    • Mobile devices

    • Wearable devices

    • Smart products

    • Appliances

    • Manufacturing systems

  • Methodology

    • Usability and user experience of IoT devices

    • Evaluation methods

    • User and cognitive models

  • Others

    • Social and ethical aspects

    • Privacy and security aspects

    • Technological acceptance

    • Case studies 



We are continoulsy accepting submissions for the workshop. Also participating without a written contribution is possible.

Papers are limited to 4 to 8 pages including figures and references. The paper layout should follow the SIGCHI Extended Abstracts Format.

Please submit your paper to following email adress:

This workshop is open for submissions from both industrial institutions and academic institutions. Therefore, the workshop submissions of this year's IoT conference will be separate from the conference proceedings.

In our workshop "Handling the Internet of Things: Human-Computer Interaction Perspectives on IoT", we will invite the authors of accepted workshop contributions to submit an extended version of their workshop contribution to a journal special issue or workshop proceedings publication. We are currently working on the exact details for this. With publishing the submissions on an optional basis, we hope to attract submissions from both industrial institutions and academic institutions. We hope that this will make our workshop attractive for a broad range of submissions from institutions with different backgrounds and will lead to interesting discussions at the workshop.

Workshop Organizers

  • Mario Aehnelt (Fraunhofer IGD Rostock, Germany)
  • Sebastian Büttner (Institute Industrial IT/SmartFactoryOWL, Germany)
  • Thomas Kosch (University of Stuttgart, Germany)
  • Markus Funk (Siemens Corporate Technology, US)

Important Deadlines

  • IOT 2017 Conference in Linz: October 22-25, 2017